Old Schoolhouse: I will give you thanks in the great assembly; among the throngs I will praise you. Psalm 35: 18 (updated 15th Nov 2019)

We are conscious that life is full of joys and pains, and we are vulnerable. Let’s keep praying for each other and those around us, thanking God that he is with us in it all.
We are very grateful

We are so grateful to the Lord for providing via the generosity of you all! We have made good progress towards reaching our target for the boiler. Please pray on that we would soon have all the funds to be able to smartly heat the Old Schoolhouse.
We are especially excited that 30 percent more young families are coming to Buttercups, Sunflowers and Daisies children’s groups since we moved to the Old Schoolhouse. May they feel welcome and at home, feel supported and may new friendships grow.
More reasons to be thankful: external events at the Old Schoolhouse
We now know that we have the opportunity for temporary use of some of the space prior to us receiving planning permission, so we can start to let the space, which is exciting news. We are receiving lots of booking requests for the Old Schoolhouse, which is great news as this is what the space is for. Pray for wisdom in deciding what to accept and how to organise it all and for protection over everyone who uses the building.  Pray for active discussions with a local art cooperative who are considering being based at the Old Schoolhouse.
Sale of the chapel – almost there
We are now close to the actual sale of the chapel. It is signed and ready from our side. Please pray that it will actually go through in the next couple of weeks.
Continue to pray for blessings on the buyers and their work with homeless people, and pray especially for those most vulnerable in our community and that we would be a very practical blessing to them, in partnership with others in the area, particularly as we are moving into the colder months of the year.
We received the pre-app response on Thursday, 10th October. John P (back from paternity leave – continue to pray for him!) and our team of professionals are working on next steps. Please continue to pray for the team, that this process would move forward smoothly and for good collaboration among everyone involved.
Please also pray for the consultation with the county council on parking and that John will be able to put in the work needed on this.
We are so grateful for every gift, big or small. It is a great encouragement that we are getting closer to reaching the target for the boiler. May everyone who gives and who prays be blessed richly and know how much their gifts will bless many. Give thanks for this and please keep Jill Bain and the fundraising team in your prayers.
Handover from Hannah to Esther
Hannah is currently handing over to Esther, as December is not so far away and baby Langley is expected then! Pray for this process and give thanks for Hannah who has been contributing so much. Pray for continued good health for Hannah and her family. This month we particularly think of their beautiful daughter Mim who is much missed in our midst.
Pray for Esther as she picks up the ropes, that she would adjust quickly to her new role and find much joy in it.
Trouble and distress have come upon me, but your commands give me delight. Psalm 119:143 NIV

The next working bee is planned for Friday 22nd November, from 7pm at OS. Please pray these would be productive and encouraging, and do join us if you can!